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Animal Success Stories

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By Halie and Cairo

Our family had only been looking to adopt one cat, but they kept coming back to our adorable adoption picture.  We were shy at our first meeting, but decided to go with them nevertheless.

After getting to our new home, we went from room to room exploring every sight and smell.  After that, we got into a normal routine spending time exploring, playing, loving, eating and sleeping.

That was a year ago- now we are outgoing and the center of attention.  One of our favorite things is to go out by the screened pool; we have our own little door allowing us to go in and out as we please. It’s an exciting time watching other animals wander around the lake and, of course, chasing lizards. Definitely a lot of fun, but some others in our family are not so excited about body parts found about the house.

We enjoy our family play time and our daily special treats. We are never lonely because our dad works out of the house. It’s definitely a good life having each other in a loving home.  Thank you to our foster family and Central Florida Animal Rescue who made all this possible.  We love our new life!



It’s been eight years since I’ve had a dog.  Jake lived for sixteen years, and I thought I would never again have a dog in my house.

Then I got to know Frankie (originally named Cameron).  He was 10 months old and timid.  I knew several others had passed on adopting him.  But, there was something there and we bonded quickly.

Frankie’s a lover who likes to stay at my side, that is unless he’s hunting lizards in the yard.  Even then he makes sure to bring me his catch. He knows several commands and is quickly learning more.  He interacts well with other dogs and is learning to trust more people.

I’m not sure who rescued who, but Frankie and I look forward to a long relationship together!

-Jeanne Stowell